4 steps to creating a schedule that balances to-do’s with self-care

4 steps to creating a schedule that balances to-do’s with self-care

If you often feel like your day goes by in a blur leaving you with an unfinished to-do list, a schedule can help. On the other hand, a jammed-packed schedule with no room to feel, think, or move isn’t good for your well-being. Use these four steps to set up a schedule that will help you feel accomplished without burning you out.

Step 1: Start with must-do items.

Block time to get your work done to ensure you’re working regular hours and not taking away from pre- and post-work personal time. And remember to leave time for doctor’s appointments and other to-do’s.

Step 2: Set aside time for yourself.

It’s important to schedule your “me time.” This means making time for yourself, your family, or your recovery, in whatever form that might take. Not meeting your basic needs, like pushing back lunch until you’re too hungry to focus, only increases stress. 

Step 3: Customize for your needs.

The best schedule is the one that works for you, and it may take some time to find it. Try different blocks of time to accomplish your tasks between breaks. Then use your breaks to refuel with a snack, stretch, or meditation.

Step 4: Test and adjust as needed.

Once you have your schedule, make adjustments as you see fit if it’s causing you stress. And be sure to leave some wiggle room for anything that might disrupt your schedule, or else you’ll get behind and feel more stressed out when something pops up.