Just a few of the topics that we emphasize with our members include:


Why hydration is important; how to identify if you’re hydrated; tips and foods to stay hydrated; and when to use electrolyte replacement.


Why and how to color your plate to get the best nutrients, and when to complement with multi-vitamins.


The importance of eating breakfast; tips/recipes; and how multi-vitamins fit in.



How fats play a role in nutrition, and the types of fats (ones that help and the ones that hurt, with a focus on the power of Omega 3s).


How gut health is important to body functions and the brain, and how to aid digestion.


How nutrition is a big supporter of recovery; and tips on how to utilize nutrition to recover correctly.


What smart supplementation is and how it provides positive nutrition when done correctly.

Food must be seen as fuel for the body and brain. Fueling cuts through the latest diet marketing hype and focuses on the consumption of the foods that are best for our bodies.

At Mercy Fitness Center, we believe nutrition is necessary to fuel life goals, increase performance, and improve overall health. Therefore, part of our overarching mission is to provide valuable content and education around weight loss, nutrition, supplementation, and how to prepare for everyday performance and activity.

We all want the energy to stay mentally focused and physically strong throughout the day. We want to boost our immune systems and speed the recovery process. Nutrition plays a critical role in achieving these goals.

At the same time, weight loss or maintenance are primary goals of many individuals interested in membership. It is our goal to empower them with the resources, tools and support they need to not only pursue weight loss goals, but, more importantly, develop a stronger and leaner body that performs as great as it looks.