Mercy Sports Performance powered by EXOS

Mercy Sports Performance powered by EXOS offers performance training and nutrition support from EXOS specialists. Integrating Sports Medicine services from Mercy health professionals, this unique training program helps athletes and active adults reach their peak performance. EXOS coaches provide the tools, motivation, and education you need to improve performance, reduce your risk for injury, and better fuel your body with proper nutrition.

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Mercy Sports Performance powered by EXOS services include:

  • Sports performance training
  • Tactical performance training
  • Youth and high school training
  • Advanced Group Training for adults
  • Physical therapy, provided by Mercy health professionals
  • Performance nutrition
  • FMS testing


With our youth and high school athlete and team training programs, young athletes get the tools they need to improve strength, endurance, speed, power, and flexibility.


With the best athletes in collegiate and amateur sports going head-to-head on a daily basis, physical performance and injury prevention are important to the longevity of the athlete throughout their athletic career and beyond.


We provide both short-term and long-term training programs to optimize physical and mental performance for professional athletes as they gear up for the season. Athlete evaluations help to determine each athlete’s current physical abilities and weaknesses and provide solutions to meet their goals. And athlete development support helps assess current performance systems, injury trends, and areas of concern for management.


Advanced Adult Training will enhance your athletic performance and functional movement through dynamic, small group training programs, no matter your goal. Want to run your first 5k, improve your golf game, or just feel healthier and stronger? Advanced Adult Training will help you get there.

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