Celebrate the new season with one healthy change

Celebrate the new season with one healthy change

It’s time to celebrate the work you’ve done to improve your health and fitness. Take a moment to think about all you’ve accomplished this year. Then, add one new healthy change from the following list of strategies from EXOS as you look ahead to the next season’s challenge!


  • Take the time to stay positive by making a list of everything you’re grateful for.
  • Pause and breathe. Use the relaxation breathing tempo to reduce stress and relax. Inhale for 6, hold for 4, and exhale for 10. A longer exhale will signal your nervous system to relax.
  • Give yourself a break. Commit to taking short breaks once per hour and try front-loading your breaks to avoid bonking in the afternoon. And remember, more is not always better. One-minute micro-breaks can be just as effective as longer breaks.


  • Focus on mindful eating. Use a smaller plate for portion control, fill your plate with veggies before hitting the entrées or desserts, and savor every bite before taking seconds.
  • Try a healthy twist. Modify your recipes with healthier, whole-food alternatives.
  • Don’t forget the H20. Carry a full water bottle with you and commit to staying hydrated.


  • Find time to play. Studies show that family connection can positively impact mood and disease states. Choose activities the whole family can participate in like backyard games or post-meal walks.
  • Give the gift of movement. Support your family’s commitment to movement by gifting exercise equipment or gift cards to athletic stores for birthdays and holidays.
  • Choose an active getaway. Commit to daily movement on your family vacation or weekend trip. Pack a barrel roller or massage ball for active recovery, schedule short walks to explore nature, or get adventurous with other outdoor activities like skiing, surfing, or hiking.


  • Focus on family. You can actively recover by preparing and eating meals together, enjoying old traditions or creating new ones, or traveling to escape and make memories together.
  • Enjoy sweet dreams. Practice passive recovery by aiming for 6-8 hours of sleep per night to alleviate mental and physical stress. If you’re extra fatigued or need to reduce stress, try heading to bed 30 minutes earlier each night.
  • Check out. Need to de-clutter your mind? Try watching a funny video, walking, connecting with a colleague, enjoying nature, or even taking a quick nap. These quick mental breaks can help you feel refreshed throughout the day.

The seasons come and go and, just like the seasons of our lives, bring with them fresh new opportunities for change and growth. Take charge of this healthy new season of change and try to celebrate your health every day. Little steps add up to big impact!