Naturally Boost Energy: 10 tips

Naturally Boost Energy: 10 tips

You’ve likely felt a drop in energy levels in the early afternoon, but there are ways to naturally boost energy and get back into your daily groove. Rather than reaching for caffeine or sugary, artificial energy sources, try a few of these energy-boosting activities to tackle what’s left of the day.

  • Improve sleep hygiene.

Sleep is a function of quality as well as quantity, which makes a consistent sleep ritual key. Sleep hygiene is all the things that go into your “getting ready for bed” routine, which prepares your brain and body for high-quality, restorative sleep. Try these tips to get better sleep tonight.

  • Hydrate early and often.

Thirst is a late indicator of dehydration, which can cause you to feel lethargic and can affect your brain and even eyesight. Learn about the importance of hydration and how to keep your energy up with something as simple as water!

  • Move every hour to naturally boost energy.

Sitting too long can lead to muscle aches, tightness, and even injury. Make it a point to get up and move every 60 minutes, and set an alarm if you might work too long between breaks. (BONUS: Take your eyes off the computer screen for a few minutes every 15 minutes or so to avoid eye strain.)

  • Take a hint from plants and get some sunlight.

Sunlight and fresh air are good for you! Get outside for a walk or a workout for a physical and mental reset that can help you power through a sluggish afternoon. Don’t stay out in the sun too long, though. Read more from Mercy about protecting yourself from sunburn.

  • Enjoy a power nap.

Yes, naps can be a good thing. Power naps are generally short and don’t allow the brain to go into deep sleep, but can still be refreshing and better for your body than a soda or sweet snack.

  • Ask a coach for breathing exercises.

Purposeful breathing oxygenates the body and brain and can help manage stress. Try these breathing exercises from Exos, or ask your personal trainer for more ideas about how to naturally boost energy – just by breathing!

  • Fuel your brain.

If you feel snackish, it may be that your brain needs fuel. Try brain-boosting foods such as healthy fats, protein, colorful berries or greens, and even dark chocolate.

  • Walk around barefoot outside to try grounding, or earthing.

It’s debatable whether earthing actually transfers energy, or it’s just a great stress reliever because you’re outside and being barefoot takes you back to a simpler time. Either way, try it and see if it works for you!

OKLAHOMA PRO TIP: Look for some soft grass first, without burrs, stickers, or ants. Those might help wake you up, too, but we’re going for positive energy-boosters here.

  • Train early and often.

Find your ideal training time during the day and get some movement in as part of your routine. Consistency can lead to better performance, health, and energy throughout the day. Plan your workouts to maximize energy, naturally!

  • Schedule your next vacation.

This may just be a distraction, but it could also be helpful and give you something to look forward to. We all need a break from the daily routine now and then. Find a way to get away and recharge your batteries!

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