7 movements for improved fitness, performance

7 movements for improved fitness, performance

EXOS trainers and coaches are experts in human performance. What that means for Mercy Fitness Center and Mercy Sports Performance members and training clients is that the training you’ll experience here is designed to help prevent injury with an initial assessment of how you move.

The Functional Movement Screen™ consists of seven movements that affect your everyday life, as well as your performance in any fitness or sports endeavors:

  1. Deep Squat – tests mobility and stability of the knees, hips, and ankles
  2. Hurdle Step – focuses on the body’s step and stride mechanics and balance
  3. Inline Lunge – tests spine and lower body stability
  4. Shoulder Mobility – reveals shoulder range of motion
  5. Active Straight-Leg Raise – tests the independent movement of each hip and leg
  6. Trunk Stability Push-Up – function-tests core strength and spinal stability
  7. Rotary Stability – tests neuromuscular function and balance in a simulated climbing movement

For each movement, the participant earns a score of 0-3, with a 0 given for any movement that causes pain, and a 3 given for movements performed easily.

Putting your results to use

Your FMS scores help fitness professionals work with you to create a plan to strengthen any weakness and build strength and power that helps prevent injury. Individual fitness goals of EXOS training clients often include lifestyle- and work-related targets: climbing stairs with ease, on-the-job fitness and injury prevention (especially first responders and military clients), and amateur, semi-pro, and professional athletic performance improvement.

Mercy Fitness Center Personal Training

Through Mercy Fitness Center, fitness professionals offer personal training or coaching clients an individualized assessment and goal-planning session that helps them develop a training program. Setting measurable goals is important, and might include follow-up functional assessments to measure progress.

Schedule your assessment today to learn more about the way you move, and what exercises and training programs offer the most benefit for your lifestyle and goals.

Mercy Sports Performance Coaching

Mercy Sports Performance Coaches use the FMS in concert with other advanced screening tests to assess cardiovascular health and current strength and fitness levels for clients within the EXOS adult training programs. Our Individualized Adult and Rally programs incorporate nutrition and supplementation strategies, along with high-intensity workouts for a whole-person approach to improving functional movement and performance to prevent injury and upgrade lives.

Contact Sports Performance today to learn more about our customized EXOS training programs for youth, high schoolers, adults, and professional or semi-pro athletes.