Forging Friendships through AquaFit

Forging Friendships through AquaFit

None of us expected that joining the Aqua Fit swim exercise class would forge five amazing friendships that would eventually take us to Cape Cod; but it did.

We five women each joined AquaFit at different times without knowing each other. It can be intimidating to join a group activity without knowing a single soul—but we all managed to show up every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:00AM.

Initially, this was a testament to the energy and enjoyment our instructor brings to the class. Becky is a personable and high-energy leader. Her knowledge of fitness and her caring attitude makes attending class such a pleasure. AquaFit is a great non-impact workout, but Becky makes sure we get that heart pumping! The class loves her spirit of enthusiasm, helpfulness, and encouragement.

As we got to know each other in the pool, we decided to have some breakfast, brunch, and lunch get-togethers. (If you need a recommendation for a good restaurant, we’ve probably tried it!)

Something about our group, as eclectic as it is, just clicked with all of us. We all love to talk and to listen to each other’s stories. That might have helped us decide to come up with our own story together—to travel on a week-long trip to Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Cape Cod is the childhood home of one in our group; so we had an insider’s knowledge of what to do. We had a wonderful time seeing everything from Martha’s Vineyard Island to the tip of the Cape in Provincetown. Walking along the beaches, shopping in the little villages, and eating lots and lots of seafood made it such a memorable vacation.

We even attended a private cooking class in Truro during the most spectacular of sunsets! This was definitely a highlight because creating the entire meal from scratch and enjoying the food together really bonded us. Since then, we’ve put the lesson to good use trying to recreate some of the dishes we tasted. In fact, we now have monthly lunches in our homes to show off our culinary skills!

Thanks to the AquaFit class, our group, now six, is going to be traveling to the Oregon Coast and hoping to create some great memories there as well.

If you’re wondering whether to join a group class, go ahead and give it a try. You will not only become healthier, but you might also make some lasting friendships.

We’ll see you in the pool!

Lori Brubaker, Paula Bailey, Rosie Dupus, Kay Parrish, Susan Grieves, and Lou Ann Bass