With a membership to Mercy Fitness Center, members enjoy access to a warm water pool that is optimized for aquatic exercise and lessons, as well as a 25-meter lap pool. Our aquatics area is conveniently accessible from the locker rooms and has private on-deck changing rooms and on-deck restrooms.

Mercy Fitness Center offers a wide variety of aquatics-based activities for all ages. To view the full schedule, click here.

Peyow FunKtional Barre was originally created for athletes and sports teams who need flexibility for injury prevention and agility for better response time. The aquatic environment makes it suitable for all fitness levels who require flexibility for activities of daily living.

The aquatic functional barre is a combination of dance-based exercises with the noodle, Pilates core-centric controlled exercises, and functional training. Challenge balance, dynamic coordination, agility, plyometric vertical jump training and mind/body awareness. Gain faster speed, agility, core strength, and mobility.

The Peyow FunKtional Aqua Pilates class provides participants with the following benefits:

  • Breath & Posture – Correct alignment and breathing releases tension, and increases lung capacity
  • Stability & Balance – Learn to balance against water’s forces in a safe environment, for fall prevention
  • Flexibility – Increase range of motion with Pilates stretches. Men can specifically benefit in this area with the buoyancy assisted stretches.
  • Core Strength – All exercises are core-centric (originating from the center or core of the body) and strengthen muscles of the spine, pelvis, hips and abdominals, also known as the “powerhouse”.
  • Recuperate – From injury or post-rehab.
  • Low impact – The spine and joints are unloaded in the water, making movements non-compressive
  • All levels – Of fitness, the intensity is individual. Suitable for special conditions such as Arthritis, Parkinson’s, Fibromyalgia, Stroke, Cardiac, Obesity, and PTSD.
  • Case Studies – Show effectiveness in increasing dynamic stability and core strength within participants with disabilities.

This 8-week, once a week class, includes a pre-and-post skill assessment. The classes are 30 minutes long with several offerings each week.

The Beginner class is taught in the Exercise Pool and is geared toward the non-swimmer. Anyone who can’t float, is nervous about putting their face in the water, struggles with floating, etc. should be in “beginner.” The Intermediate Class is taught in the Lap Pool and is for the adult who can swim, but is not confident in the water. This class focuses on basic skill development, including all 4 main strokes, stroke refinement for freestyle and backstroke, drill and endurance introductions.

There are 5 adults to 1 instructor in each class. All are open to both members and non-members.

SwimFit is an 8-week swimming for exercise program with a max of 10 participants per class. The class is appropriate for any swimmer who can safely swim 100 yards in the pool without stopping (regardless of stroke). This program has often been referred to a starter program for anyone interested in swimming on an adult swim team/US Masters team. The focus of the class is less about “how to swim” and more about “how to swim efficiently” with the goal of encouraging participants to “swim for exercise” as part of their membership and overall general health. Each week of class there will be a teaching focus with some progression, but mostly drills, sets, clock usage, etc.

Mercy Fitness Center now offers private swim lessons for adults and children, ages 3 and up. Register now to secure your spot as space is limited.

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