Destress and Prioritize Your Emotional-Wellbeing

Destress and Prioritize Your Emotional-Wellbeing

With shorter days, less sunlight, and cooler weather, it’s common for our bodies to produce less serotonin and more melatonin. This can lead to lower mood levels, sleepiness, depression, and anxiety. Shift the focus this winter by achieving a more balanced state. Prioritize your emotional-wellbeing and follow these simple strategies for success:

01. Daily Movement: Commit to a Plan

Make a plan and stick with it. Commit to intentional movement throughout the day that’s outside of your workouts. Every step counts!

02. Training: Set Small Goals

Set yourself up for success with both daily and weekly goals. Spend time before bed visualizing what you’re going to achieve the next day and write it down.

03. Nutrition: Follow the 80/20 Rule

80% of the time, eat nutrient-dense foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables, minimally processed high-fiber starches, lean protein, and healthy fats. 20% of the time, eat the foods you enjoy and celebrate the great taste of food!

04. Regulation: Master Your Mindset

Dial up the energy in the first 30 minutes of the day with an intentional body scan, a few positive affirmations, 1 minute of focused breathing, and a glass of water.

05. Sleep: Breathe Yourself to Sleep

Use a breathing technique to create a sense of calm in your body and mind. Inhale for 6 counts through your nose, hold for 4, and exhale for 10. Repeat this series four times.

06. Reflection: Celebrate Your Successes

Reinforce your positive behaviors by celebrating your small wins! This framework can help build good habits and eliminate any lingering bad ones.