Explore fitness membership resources and try something new

Explore fitness membership resources and try something new

Mercy Fitness membership grants users access to a wide variety of workout options, including a full group exercise schedule of land and aquatics classes for all fitness levels. If your current workouts are leaving a little to be desired and you’re just not as motivated anymore to show up, try something new to make things more interesting!

Here are a few of our favorite group exercise class options you may want to try this month.

Option 1: Small Group Training

Join a Small Group Training class on a weekday morning to experience next-level fitness membership with one of Mercy Fitness Center’s Fitness Specialists. Working out in a group of no more than 10 people fosters community and helps motivate you, all while offering the personalized attention and support of a personal trainer.

Ask a fitness specialist about new TRX and kettlebell small group classes for a focused and intentional training experience. Members are eligible to sign up for these classes for an additional fee. Bring a friend who can help you stay motivated and keep you accountable for showing up to class!

Option 2: Indoor Cycle

The Mercy Fitness Cycle Studio features 12+ specialty indoor fitness cycles in a dedicated studio. You’ll experience an invigorating workout led by a fitness specialist, all while jamming to music that sets the beat for each portion of the class.

Show up to your first cycle class early to ask the instructor for help setting up and using your bike and the proper hand and foot positions to use during the class. Bring water, and hydrate before and after class to maximize your body’s ability to work and recover.

Option 3: Aqua Zumba®

Your fitness membership at Mercy includes aquatics group exercise as a benefit of membership. Mercy Fitness Center is one of the only fitness centers in Edmond with indoor saltwater pools that maintain a consistent temperature, year-round.

Aqua Zumba® is the fusion of low-impact aquatics exercise and Zumba®, a dance workout set to music. Because Aqua Zumba® adds the resistance of being in the water, participants experience a heart-pounding workout without the stress of weight-bearing impact on joints.

Join Monica each Monday and Wednesday at 9:30 a.m., and Saturdays at 9 a.m., in the Group Exercise Pool for your Aqua Zumba® workout adventure! Check the schedule for class time or instructor changes before you go.

Mercy Fitness membership at your local full-service gym

Fitness membership at Mercy Edmond I-35 provides you with full access to all our group exercise classes, Kids’ Zone care, and modern, luxury amenities. From the moment you check in on your member app and step into the fully-appointed locker rooms (complete with saunas), you’ll understand that Mercy Fitness Center is more than a local Edmond gym: it’s an experience that combines community with Exos-managed expertise and value, all under one roof. Check us out today with a trial membership, and you’ll discover that the gym you’ve always wanted to join is right here!