How Nutrition & Hydration Fuel Your Workday

How Nutrition & Hydration Fuel Your Workday

Ever think to yourself, “I know I’m eating well and exercising — why do I always hit a wall halfway through my work day?” The answer may be tied to the way you’re fueling your body.

You may be in peak physical fitness, but if you aren’t fueling your body properly, you won’t be able to access your full abilities — including things super relevant to work, like cognitive ability. We call this accessing your body’s functional state. So, when we don’t eat enough of the good stuff, or get enough ounces of water throughout the day, our bodies and minds suffer for it.

In order to show up as our best selves, we need to be extremely mindful of 3 things:

But how do you recognize flow state, and why should you care? If you want to boost creativity, supercharge performance, and validate the hard work we know you do, check out our seven signs and benefits of flow state.

01 Hydration: Did you know that by the time you feel thirsty, you are already experiencing a 10% decline in cognitive function? Yet most of us are so quick to neglect this basic need. Our bodies need water, and in order to properly absorb the water our cells need, there has to be the right balance of electrolytes to allow our bodies to hold onto it. Be consistent with your intake throughout the day and invest in a straw bottle– easy access and you’ll drink far more!

02 Energy availability is the amount of energy you have available for your body to work efficiently; pretty straightforward. EVERYTHING that happens in the body — from thinking, moving, listening, talking, digesting, brain function, or optimized hormone producing — requires energy. And if we’re constantly under-fueled and under-nourished, our bodies will simply stop working.

03 Proper Nutrition: The foods and fluids you choose drastically influence your mental clarity, memory, energy levels, and even mood. Believe it or not, we actually need more calories than we have been traditionally taught to believe. The daily functions our bodies go through — even simple things like thinking and moving, require immense energy-fuel. So if you’re looking for a boost, start by prioritizing a healthy breakfast rich in B vitamins and Omega 3’s. And remember, carbs aren’t trying to hurt you — they’re trying to energize you.