How to Host a Healthy Happy Hour

How to Host a Healthy Happy Hour

Happy hour…it’s usually a fun time. But the hours after? Not so much. And they can seriously impact your workout recovery, stress levels, and overall well- being.

But you can totally enjoy happy hour with your coworkers — even while taking your health seriously. Just organize a healthy one that doesn’t revolve around sitting and drinking alcoholic beverages that dehydrate you and tank your
energy reserves.

Here are some tips to organize a healthier experience that still ticks all the happy-hour-fun boxes.

1. Serve tasty mocktails

These days, you’ve got lots of choices when it comes to delicious, healthy alternatives to alcoholic beverages. And many are just as satisfying as the real thing.

For example, Ritual Zero Proof makes a variety of zero-alcohol liquor alternatives for all the mixed drink lovers out there. Offer low-sugar, low- calorie, alcohol-free gin and tonics, old-fashioneds, martinis, or other favorite
mocktails–sans hangover.

For craft beer lovers, Athletic Brewing Company makes non-alcoholic beer that tastes surprisingly like your favorite brew. You can find anything from Hazy IPA to sour beer to suit a variety of taste buds. Check out to
see your options.

And for wine connoisseurs, you’ve got a couple of choices: non-alcohol wines, which are alcoholic wines with the alcohol removed; and wine alternatives, which are zero-alcohol spirits made from other ingredients that emulate the flavor of your favorite vino. Thomas and Scott and Studio Null are two brands that make delicious dealcoholized sparkling and still wines. So you can indulge without sabotaging your wellness goals (or your peace of mind).

2. Get active together.

Enjoying happy hour doesn’t have to mean being stationary. You can create a fun, exciting experience by planning some games and other activities.

If the weather permits, try playing lawn games for a fun competition and a different kind of high. Get a frisbee, bocce ball, or corhole set. Or play football, kickball, or soccer for some healthy team sports entertainment.

If it’s raining or you don’t have the hardware for outdoor games, do some group yoga, stretching, or dancing to get everyone moving.

3. Serve healthy snacks

You don’t have to sabotage your wellness goals with unhealthy snacks, either. Instead of salty, greasy chips and dip or carb-heavy snack mixes, serve fruit, cheese plates, or vegetable sticks with hummus or guacamole. Nutritious snack bars and protein balls are also great options. They’ll keep everyone satisfied and on track with their wellness regimen.