How to Trigger Flow State at Work

How to Trigger Flow State at Work

After reading all about flow state and its benefits, you’re probably wondering — “this is great and all, but how the heck do they actually think I can achieve this level of zen when I have every distraction in the world working against me?”

You’re not alone. Flow is a four-stage cycle of struggle, release, flow, and recovery. You might

just be stuck in “struggle.”

Let’s get you out with these flow triggers:

01 Schedule it. 

It’s important to recognize when you’re most wired to

do the type of work that would put you in a flow state. Some people are night owls, but most people seem predisposed to reaching a flow state in the morning.

02 Create a Ritual.

Whatever your flow state preference, create a consistent ritual, including the same time and setting. Sticking to it will more likely place you in a better position to recognize flow.

03 Focus on just one thing. 

Distraction is a flow-killer. Silence your phone. Ignore email. Turn off notifications. Use anti-distraction apps if necessary. You can text them back later.

04 Stay hydrated. 

To reach flow, let the water flow. We know you know, but dehydration hurts performance! Wherever your day takes you — even if that’s just home — continue to drink water.

05 Sleep.

Without sleep, you simply cannot function at your best

or reach a flow state. Sleep is one area where it’s possible to drastically improve performance without putting forth greater physical effort or resources.

06 Take movement breaks

As you can imagine, movement and flow state go together like peanut butter and jelly. Don’t believe us? Try starting your day with an early morning pre-work training session and see how you feel.

A flow state could come and go in 30 minutes, or you could ride it out the whole day. By following the recommendations above, you’re more likely to extend the length of your flow state.

If you’ve been feeling unfocused or frustrated at work, taking even the first step of blocking time on your calendar to focus on one task at a time is really going to help, even if you don’t experience that flow state right at first. Remember how quickly steps in the right direction turn into a sprint for the win. You got this.

Something to remember: just because a flow state is a desirable feeling and great for productivity, that doesn’t mean we want to be in a flow state 24/7. The reason that flow state is so powerful is because it’s a limited focus time.