MOVEMENT: 7 secrets to getting motivated for your workout

MOVEMENT: 7 secrets to getting motivated for your workout

Not feeling pumped for the gym? It’s OK. There will be days when you just don’t feel motivated
or slack off. Use these secrets to reclaim your motivation.

Be accountable.
It’s easy to blow off a workout when nobody is expecting you to show. It’s a lot tougher when
you have a workout partner or training group expecting you. The social aspect of working out
can provide the accountability you need to stay motivated.

Downsize your workout.
Does your planned workout feel intimidating? Instead of calling it quits, adjust to something
shorter or less strenuous. Once you’ve started, you might feel ready to tackle your original
workout. If not, you’ll at least feel accomplished.

Plan ahead.
We’ve all skipped a workout because we forgot a change of clothes or didn’t have time to rush
home to get workout shoes. Stay motivated and on course by laying clothes out the night before
and keeping extra gear in your car or under your desk.

Attach a deadline.
Training for a specific race or competition brings about a sense of urgency, keeping you
motivated and less likely to skip a workout. Once you’ve signed up, let everyone know. This
keeps you motivated since you’ve publicly pledged to do it.

Mix it up.
The last thing you want to do is make your training tedious. Add variety to your training, so you
can constantly stimulate your body. Talk to one of our coaches for a fresh routine or new
exercises to continually challenge yourself and keep your training fresh.

Track your progress.
It’s easy to overlook incremental progress. That’s one of many reasons it’s important to track
your progress over weeks, months — even years. Like investing, seeing that progress helps
keep you motivated and on track.

Find your rhythm.
Maybe you’re not lacking motivation, just timing. Some people will never be “morning people”
while others know that if they don’t do their workout in the morning, it will never happen. Find
what works for you.