Understanding Flow State

Understanding Flow State

We are all familiar with the concept of a runner’s high, but did you know there is a workplace equivalent? It is called flow state. When in a flow state, you feel so absorbed in a task that nothing else seems to matter. Distractions disappear. Hours seem like minutes. Production and success seem effortless.

But how do you recognize flow state, and why should you care? If you want to boost creativity, supercharge performance, and validate the hard work we know you do, check out our seven signs and benefits of flow state.

01 Complete concentration

You’ll become utterly consumed to the point where

02 Time distortion

Time seems to pass by at a greatly accelerated rate, with hours feeling like minutes.

03 Being present

The focus is completely on the present and the task at hand. There’s no room in the consciousness for the past or the future. Incoming text? Never even saw it.

04 In control

You’ll feel a real sense of control and autonomy. A command of one’s self and their environment while in flow state is unmatched. A true “I got this” feeling.

05 Action and awareness merge

In flow, thoughts and actions merge seamlessly, unfold automatically, and with little or no internal chatter.

06 Effortlessness

In a flow state, everything works effortlessly. Much like time becomes distorted in a flow state, Iso too does effort.

07 Decreased inhibition

Flow decreases inhibitions and self-doubt. This is crucial. This loss of self-doubt usually results in a feeling of liberation from the burden of self-consciousness. Before long, you’ll even feel increased freedom of expression, confidence, and creativity.

Sounds like something you need a little help with? We know it’s attainable for you, and once you do get there, you will quickly reap the benefits. You will start to notice your performance improving, maybe even providing out-of-the-box ideas to your team that you didn’t realize you had before. You’ll actually start to love your job again, feeling more fulfilled with each day. And the best part? It’s just the tip of the iceberg — every day spent in flow is a day of new potential.