At EXOS, we believe that every day is game day. Whether it’s a sporting event or corporate presentation, excitement and anticipation can cause jitters. Don’t worry! Keeping your mindset in check can help you stay focused and perform your best. Use these simple strategies to master your mindset.

Strategy 1: Hydrate

Dehydration causes fatigue, which is one of the main reasons posture begins to weaken. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water to decrease fatigue, boost energy, and improve your posture.

Strategy 2: Improve your posture

Sitting up straight doesn’t mean you want your spine perfectly perpendicular to the ground. Instead, focus on sitting with your head up, shoulders back, and your back naturally arched. This position helps distribute force throughout your body.

Strategy 3: Roll with it

As you fatigue, your shoulders tend to roll forward and put pressure on your back. To increase circulation to your shoulders and spine, roll both of your shoulders forward, up, back, and around 10 times every hour if possible.

Strategy 4: Decompression sitting

When sitting in a chair, scoot your butt all the way back into the seat evenly. Lift your shoulders and rib cage up, and then lean back into the chair’s backrest. Now relax your shoulders and rib cage. You should feel your spine decompress. Repeat as needed.

Strategy 5: Stretching breaks

If you’re sitting for long periods of time, walk around every 45 minutes to stretch, reset your posture, and refresh your mind.

Strategy 6: Breathing awareness

Becoming more aware of your breathing can improve your posture and the muscular tone and tissue quality in the areas where you carry tension such as your shoulders, upper back, chest, and neck.

Strategy 7: Move your body

Regular, purposeful activity releases endorphins that have a positive effect on mental and physical health. Challenge yourself to take a walk, participate in a virtual workout, visit the fitness center for group exercise, or choose some other form of physical activity at least three times a week.

Now is the best time to start

If you’re not sure how to get started or you have questions about the best movements to help prevent anxiety and support your health goals, it may be time for a reset. Our fitness specialists offer 1-on-1 and small-group personal training options that can help. Based on the science of human performance developed by EXOS over more than two decades of training the world’s best athletes, personal training through Mercy Fitness Center will help you define your motivation and goals, stay accountable to your customized workout and recovery plan, and finally realize your true potential for physical fitness and mental resiliency.

Learn more about personal training today and rediscover what it feels like when you bring your “A” game to every challenge. It’s time for the best you, ever – you can do this!