7 Secrets to Rocking Your Fitness Routine in 2018

7 Secrets to Rocking Your Fitness Routine in 2018

You may or may not know it, but Mercy Fitness Center is professionally managed by EXOS, a world
leader in human performance. What that means is that our approach to total health and fitness is based
on the EXOS 4-Pillar Approach:

1. Mindset. Decide you will. Commit to your goal.
2. Nutrition. Food is 90 percent of fitness. Fuel properly, and your workouts are more effective.
3. Movement. Functional movement develops core strength. Learn proper form and technique to
maximize your workout efficiency and safety.
4. Recovery. Rest and rebuild. You’re asking a lot of your body, so treat it well and let it recover.

As you set your fitness goals for 2018, remember to incorporate all four pillars into your weekly routine.
The most important place to start is changing your mindset. The experts at EXOS have developed this
handy guide to help you stay accountable and stick with a plan to reach your goals.

If you still find you need more support and motivation, set up an appointment with one of our EXOS-certified personal trainers. They have the education and experience to help you develop a plan for meeting your goals, and they have the energy to keep you on the path to better health.

In the month of January, new Mercy Fitness Center members receive a free initial training, nutrition, and goal-setting consultation with one of our trainers. Ask to set your Wellness Pathway appointment when you sign up for membership!