Performance coaching gives young athletes a healthy edge

Performance coaching gives young athletes a healthy edge

Mercy Sports Performance Coaches know a thing or two about youth and high school sports.

Highly competitive league and travel sports can be especially taxing on growing bodies. That’s why EXOS, the world leader in human performance training, has made injury prevention and competitive edge the focus of its youth and high school Sports Performance coaching programs.

Tailored to the individual

EXOS has been training high-level professional athletes for more than two decades, developing a proven approach to training that begins with an individual assessment. Based on the EXOS 4 pillars of human performance, this whole-person assessment asks the athlete to dig deep, set goals, and understand the work it will take to develop their own four pillars: mindset, nutrition, movement, and recovery.

Designed for the athlete

Every young athlete that comes to Mercy Sports Performance has a personalized training plan to address the goals they set for themselves. EXOS coaches focus on providing growing athletes a well-rounded workout program that addresses:

  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Speed
  • Power
  • Flexibility

Sport coaching and more

Sports Performance clients of all ages experience the EXOS difference through regular performance testing to measure improvement, as well as nutrition tips and recovery techniques. The EXOS program includes lots of attention to mindset, and how decisions both on and off the field can affect performance, health, and playing time. Our coaches believe that a well-rounded athlete is competitive and educated, protecting their own long-term health through proactive injury prevention techniques.

Learn more about Mercy Sports Performance powered by EXOS, and what our coaches can do for your young athlete or team training program. This might just be the edge your athlete needs to get ahead, stay healthy, and grow stronger and more skilled in the sport they love.