5 ways short-term goals = long-term success

5 ways short-term goals = long-term success

A big dream or goal can be easier to achieve by using short-term goals stay focused and keep making progress. Go ahead and set big, lofty goals! Then, break them down into smaller goals with shorter deadlines that improve your ability to crush that big goal, one step at a time.

Here are five ways short-term goals are great for making big strides towards long-term success.

  1. They reveal your bigger “why.” Frequent re-evaluation of your big goals as you meet and set more smaller goals can shine a light on your true motivation. To keep working hard, you have to be very honest with yourself on a frequent basis. There’s no “auto-pilot” mode for setting and achieving goals, and that will work to your benefit and help keep you motivated.
  2. Small goals build on each other and create a path to success. When you have to break a big project down into a timeline with smaller deadlines, it leads to greater understanding of realistic interim goals that will get you to your finish line. If you want to run a 5K in less than 25 minutes, set a closer, interim goal of running 1K in 6 minutes.
  3. Small successes show you how far you’ve come. There’s motivation in seeing just how much progress you’ve made. If your big goal is to start weight lifting three times a week, start by seeking out an introductory private training session. Talk to your trainer about how to set smart goals and increase weights gradually to make it easier to keep going and making progress. Then, with each step you complete, realize that you’re actually doing it this time! Yay, you!
  4. Short-term goals keep you honest and motivated. Think of them as your accountability buddy. If your goal is to lose 20 pounds in 12 months, but you’re 6 weeks in and haven’t moved the scale, it’s time to reevaluate. Consider your short-term goals as opportunities to check in and be honest about how you’re progressing.
  5. Smaller goals create a sense of urgency. A year might seem pretty far down the road, and it can be tempting to start, “next Monday” until you’re all out of Mondays. But, with short-term goals, your deadline is always right around the corner. There’s no time to procrastinate when you have a healthy new you to build!

Get help with your goals

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