4 fitness secrets personal trainers wish you knew

4 fitness secrets personal trainers wish you knew

The personal trainers at Mercy Fitness Center are EXOS-certified Fitness Specialists, an elite-level trainer certification that is rare outside of an EXOS-managed facility. From its humble beginnings and throughout its more than two decades as the world’s leading human performance company, EXOS has focused on whole-person education and development. Trainers and coaches understand how mindset, nutrition, movement, and recovery are interdependent and essential for total health.

Performance is for everyone

For more than 20 years, EXOS fitness specialists have coached and motivated high-performing professional athletes and military teams to push the limits of what they thought was possible. What EXOS has built is a system that offers performance improvement that can impact and upgrade the lives of every training client. “Performance” might seem like a term that is only for those whose physical abilities are already at elite levels, but the trainers at Mercy Fitness Center offer this proven EXOS philosophy to help their clients perform better – and improve their health – for everyday life.

Here are four secrets the Mercy Fitness Center personal trainers and coaches want everyone to know:

You can do it alone, but it’s harder. There are many virtual and self-led training programs and options for those who want to push themselves and improve their fitness. This approach can work for highly motivated people who have plenty of time to do research, set goals, and create a training program on their own. For the rest of us who have work, family, and other obligations that deserve our time and effort, devoting lots of time and effort to creating a fitness program may not be an option. We may start strong in January, but by the end of the month more than 88 percent of us give up.

The motivation and accountability we get from trainers, coaches, and our peers is essential for staying committed and seeing progress. Trusting your trainer to build a program that’s right for you saves time, and when it’s a proven human performance program customized to your goals and needs, you’ll see progress faster and avoid injury.

Fuel is more important than you know. If you’ve ever heard the saying, “Abs are built in the kitchen,” you’ve heard part of the truth. Nutrition is an essential element of any training program and serves as a pillar on which the foundation of health is built. The fuel you put into your body includes everything you eat and drink, and changing small eating habits one at a time can lead to better physical and mental performance in the fitness center and in daily life. Food can be fuel and health to energize and sustain great workout habits.

Fitness isn’t just about performance during workouts. The magic of training programs based on functional movement is that they are meant to improve how we move all the time, not just how well we perform workout moves.

Health begins and ends with mindset. Making the decision to improve your health is the first step that is required in developing a healthy person’s mindset. It’s not a one-time decision. Mindset rules our daily productivity, our commitment to success, and how much work we’re willing to invest to meet our goals. A winner’s mindset evolves over time and in the face of challenges. Everyone has days when working out, eating right, and staying committed feel like monumental tasks. Sometimes, we get off-course for more than one day. Healthy mindset includes recognizing that we can recommit and get back on track, and giving ourselves enough grace and forgiveness so that no stumble is insurmountable in our journey to good health.

It takes a village. Accountability and motivation can and should be partly internal, but inviting others to join you as you strive to improve health can also be instrumental in your success. Working out with a trainer individually or in a small-group setting and having accountability partners can help us overcome challenges that might otherwise negatively impact progress when it comes to building healthy habits for a lifetime. Your village of supporters will look different from everyone else’s village – even one other person who believes in you and builds you up can change your outlook and help you achieve results.

What’s stopping you?

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