The Ultimate Guide to Starting A New Fitness Routine and Staying Motivated

The Ultimate Guide to Starting A New Fitness Routine and Staying Motivated

The power of movement within a healthy lifestyle can’t be understated. The EXOS four pillars provide a complete and balanced plan for healthy living, addressing motivation and goal-setting through mindset, fuel for the mind and body through healthy nutrition, and rest through recovery. Incorporating movement completes the 4-pillar foundation for healthy living and sets you on the path to success.

Here’s how you can use the EXOS 4-pillar approach to start a new fitness routine, stay motivated and keep moving forward in your efforts to live the healthiest life possible.


The mind is a powerful tool when we set out to achieve new goals. Many times we hesitate to begin because we don’t know where to start, and that’s where tools for motivation and the help of Mercy Fitness Center fitness professionals come in. Define your motivation, then schedule your Individual Wellness Pathway to discuss your goals with someone who has the knowledge and tools to help you break free from whatever is stopping you.

With the right plan of action, you can decide that your best life is worth the effort. Making that mental shift is the most important part of getting started, but it’s also integral to staying motivated. You’ll receive the support you need to develop that motivation when you complete the Individual Wellness Pathway, and you’ll discover the power to keep moving forward.


Fueling a body in motion means making every bite count and avoiding processed foods that don’t provide much in the way of essential nutrients. That doesn’t mean you have to be perfect. Planning for good health requires that we allow some leeway to make the plan realistic and sustainable. Diets are out; healthy eating is a way of life. Forget all the quick fixes and gimmicks—nutrition is about eating real food and providing the energy and hydration your brain and body need every day.

Start changing the way you think about nutrition with your IWP goal-setting session. If you need more help, ask your fitness professional about a consultation with Mercy Nutrition Services and take control of how you fuel your body.


Mercy Fitness Center offers more than 50 group exercise and aquatics classes each week as a benefit of membership. Take advantage of this variety and treat yourself to a new class when you need to mix things up. If you’re looking for smaller training classes that offer more one-on-one attention, ask about our 4-week progressive class options for land and water, or schedule a personal training session. If you’ve never met with a trainer before, ask about our starter pack specials that help keep you committed while offering the best training value available in Edmond.


Rest days are essential for mindset and physical recovery, but they don’t have to be no-movement days. Practice active recovery with a yoga or aquatics class, or hop on a treadmill or bike on the fitness floor for some steady-state cardio to allow muscles and joints to recover from harder workouts. Make sure you’re getting enough quality sleep, and splurge now and then with a guided stretching session or massage to relieve tight muscles, address injury or de-stress. Ask about a starter pack if you’ve never had a massage with our licensed massage therapists and schedule your massages regularly to see the most benefit to your performance and balance.

Your best life requires movement, and members of Mercy Fitness Center I-35 have access to every tool necessary to get moving and stay motivated in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. When you’re ready to get started or need to refresh your routine, talk with a fitness professional about the resources we offer. We’re ready to help!