10 tips for reclaiming your workout routine

10 tips for reclaiming your workout routine

If you find that the weather, family, or work obligations have impacted your workout groove, you’re not alone. Here are a few quick tips for reclaiming your workout routine to support a healthy lifestyle.

Is the summer heat affecting your motivation to move? Try these tips for safe summer workouts and get moving.

Tip No. 1: Connect with yourself to reduce stress

Check in with your mental state so you can learn to recognize when you’re stressed, and work in some movement to release serotonin. Make a plan to do more of the things that reduce your stress.

Tip No. 2: Connect with others for group activity

A simple evening walk with a friend can get you both moving and foster the connection you need to recommit to a regular exercise schedule.

Tip No. 3: Connect with nature

Take your shoes off! Research tells us that putting your bare feet on the earth helps to settle the nervous system, create better blood flow, and induce a parasympathetic response. Unscientifically, it feels great to get outside and focus on your body and breath awareness.

Tip No. 4: Re-frame your thinking

Assess your previous workout routine in the context of your current commitments, then adjust so you’re accomplishing small steps every day. You’re worth it, and you’ll get there.

Tip No. 5: Be creative and have fun!

Take a new route on your walk or try a new recipe. Healthy changes don’t have to be huge to have a huge impact on your mindset. Play with the kids, add in a couple of laps at the pool or lake, and be intentional with movement and food choices. Try infused water for a refreshing and delicious summer thirst quencher!

Tip No. 6: Take care of your body and brain

Responding better to stress can also be preventative. Eating right, hydrating often, exercising regularly, and sleeping well provide a healthy foundation for you to be in balance and better equipped to deal with stress. It’s amazing how a great night’s sleep can improve your outlook on…everything!

Tip No. 7: Plan ahead for traveling

Get moving in little ways, when you can. On a flight or a car ride, you can work in some ankle rotations, knee lifts, and foot arch massage with a tennis ball. Use the hotel gym or pool for 15 minutes of movement to get your heart pumping. Pack good shoes so you’re prepared for a walk or a workout.

Tip No. 8: Explore new surroundings

Use time away from home as an opportunity to explore new gyms, or if you’ve got time, go on a nature walk, trail run, or hike. If you’re home, plan an activity the whole family can enjoy. Find a local museum or festival to get some steps in.

Tip No. 9: Take opportunities for reclaiming your workout routine in small ways

Something is better than nothing. If you can’t get in a full workout, try bodyweight exercises or take the stairs for a quick heart rate boost. Think of every trip, barbecue, party, or restaurant as a challenge – what great choice can you make to fuel your body well?

Tip No. 10: Take a breather

Breathing is important! Try a new breathing exercise today and focus on awareness of your breath, then remember to be nice to yourself. Healthy living begins with a positive self-image, and feeling bad about “getting off track” isn’t going to help with reclaiming your workout routine. Remember: small choices every day add up to big wins for your mindset, nutrition, movement, and recovery.